Enabled Element Layers

Adding Layers to an Enabled Element allows Cornerstone to display labels maps and perform image fusion.

The Enabled Element Layers API allows developers to add build a composite set of images with Cornerstone.


  • An Enabled Element can have more than one Layer.
  • Each Layer is similar to an Enabled Element - They each have their own Image and Viewport, off-screen rendering Canvas, etc...
  • Only a single Layer can be active at a time.
  • Layers have properties for visibility and opacity, and are uniquely referenced by a Layer ID.

When a Layer is Active:

  • The layer's Image is available at enabledElement.image
  • The layer's Viewport is available at enabledElement.viewport

This means that typical functions such as setViewport and getViewport apply to the active layer.

Layers can be:

Additional functions:

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