Rendering Pipeline

Cornerstone will select from multiple image rendering pipelines depending on the Image (e.g. grayscale, color, label map, viewport pseudocolor) type.

Rendering Pipeline Workflow

Rendering Pipeline

Rendering path Description
renderGrayscaleImage Default rendering pipeline for grayscale images. Includes Modality and VOI LUT transformations.
renderPseudoColorImage Used when Viewport colormap property is set. This will apply the Pseudocolor LUT transformation to the pixel data following the Modality LUT and VOI LUT transformations.
renderColorImage Default rendering pipeline for color images. Alpha for all pixels are left opaque unless the rgba property of the Image is set to true.
renderWebImage Custom rendering pipeline used for images (PNG, JPEG) which have been loaded by the browser. If no VOI LUT transformations (windowWidth, windowCenter, invert) have been applied, the canvas can be drawn directly from the Image getImage function.
renderLabelMapImage Rendering pipeline for label maps. The pseudocolor LUT transform is applied directly to the stored pixel data. No Modality or VOI LUT transformations are applied.

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