I would like to contribute code - how do I do this?

Fork the repository, make your change and submit a pull request.

Any guidance on submitting changes?

While we do appreciate code contributions, triaging and integrating contributed code changes can be very time consuming. Please consider the following tips when working on your pull requests:

  • Functionality is appropriate for the repository. Consider posting on the forum if you are not sure.
  • Code quality is acceptable. We don't have coding standards defined, but make sure it passes ESLint and looks like the rest of the code in the repository.
  • Quality of design is acceptable. This is a bit subjective so you should consider posting on the forum for specific guidance.
  • The scope of the pull request is not too large. Please consider separate pull requests for each feature as big pull requests are very time consuming to understand.

We will provide feedback on your pull requests as soon as possible. Following the tips above will help ensure your changes are reviewed.

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